Shine, and inspire!


The 4th “Heart Chorus Global Initiative" Charity Sale

Love knows no boundaries. You can always respond to others' needs with heartwarming words and deeds no matter where you are. Write your blessings and get yourself a good-looking lamp from this charity sale.

The funding for activities comes from a charity sale, which resonates with the slogan: "Shine, and inspire!". Click here to leave a heartfelt blessing message, participants can obtain a brand-new contemporary style table lamp or floor lamp for US$9.99.

Heart Chorus Global Initiative volunteers will copy the collected blessing messages by hand onto cards designed for this event and place them in commemorative envelopes until the designated event day. On that day, volunteers will connect the special envelopes into a chain and surpass our former Guinness World Record. Finally, blessing cards will go to different people, such as random pedestrians, seniors in long-term care houses, students in rural areas, etc.

The intention of the 4th Heart Chorus Global Initiative is three-folded:

1) Inspire a sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

2) Integrate CSR into the corporate culture.

3) Invite individuals to take concrete actions.

What is the Heart Chorus Global Initiative?

The Heart Chorus Global Initiative (HCGI) is a worldwide charity project of the Heart Chorus Association International (HCAI). The birth of HCGI in 2015 celebrated the 20th anniversary of the original "Heart Chorus Program." Now, in 2021, HCGI continues to serve students and young adults worldwide, cultivating a sense of social responsibility in new generations.

The Heart Chorus Association International (HCAI) is a non-profit organization (916598-3) registered with the Canadian Federal Government, committed to charitable works through education and training activities. HCAI endeavours to coach students in leadership and social responsibility in order to foster continuing personal growth. Simultaneously, HCAI recruits and trains volunteers, team leaders, trainers, and coaches worldwide to jointly support and promote the Heart Chorus Global Initiative.



Shine, and inspire!






全球成長心連心(Heart Chorus Global Initiative) 是成長心連心國際協會(Heart Chorus Association International , HCAI)旗下的大型公益項目,也是「成長心連心」系列公益活動20週年後的新篇章,致力服務全球青年學生,培養具有社會責任感的當代青年領袖。

成長心連心國際協會(以下簡稱HCAI)是一家在加拿大聯邦政府註冊的非盈利機構,註冊編號:916598-3 。HCAI 致力於推廣公益性質的教育培訓活動,提升全球華人大學生的教練型領導力、社會責任感,並且支持其個人的持續成長。同時,HCAI也將持續地全球招募和訓練志願者、團隊領袖、訓練師以及教練來共同支持和推廣成長心連心公益項目。